Final Draft Constitution

PreambleWe the people of 207, in order to create a better atmosphere and environment in this classroom for ourselves, now in this time of need establish justice, declare rights, speak for the outspoken, ensure happiness to all within this room’s boundaries and create a backbone in which for many years to come we can look back on to help guide us to our own independent futures and create this constitution in which we have high hopes of. This we do as many diverse individuals with many different point of views to help better ourselves and the rest of our peers in our wonderful classroom, Room 207.
Article I: Legislative Branch
Section I: The legislative branch consists of 6 Legislators, therefore 6 people shall make the laws of this class. Each state is entitled to have one Legislator. A state consists of the people in each row. They shall select their Legislator by a majority vote. The 6 Legislators will serve one term. One term is equal to the length of one month from they day they are entitled Legislator.
Section II: No person shall be Legislator if they have not attained the age of 13, have not been a citizen of 207 for at least 2 months, or have not obtained a 2.0 GPA or higher; not shall any person be priveleged if he/she has been abssent for at least 7 days.
Section III: The duties of the Legislator is to make and pass laws for the people of 207 if the jury approves of it. The jury is the people of 207.

Article II: Executive Branch
The committee of Legislators will have one individual to act as an Organizer. After the Legislators agree upon a rule, the Organizer officially records it as part of our classroom’s customs.
If the Organizer looks down on a rule, he has the right to suggest a change to the Legislators. If at least four of the Legislators agree with the change, the revised idea becomes an official rule.
If the Organizer ceases to continue to take his/her job seriously, as in he/she suggests a ridiculous change to a rule, the Legislators may impeach him/her and select a new one.
Like the Legislators, the Organizer will be voted into office. The election for the Organizer will be held exactly one day after the final Legislator is voted into office. In order to be a candidate, the Organizer must have a GPA of 2.700 or higher and must be getting at least a B+ in mathematics, social studies, science, or health. The high standards set in order to become Organizer come from the fact that there is only one Organizer, therefore he/she is more liable to make a mistake. The Organizer cannot be voted in if he/she has been absent for four or more days, or has gotten two or more detentions within the school year. An Organizer remains in office for four months and cannot be voted in twice.
Article IIIIf one is accused guilty of breaking a rule, evidence must be presented in front of the three classroom Judges. Anyone in the classroom is eligible to present their evidence to the Judges. The three Judges will then collaborate as to decide whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. The Judges may ask any question to anyone whom may have evidence, as long as it is relevant to the case. Judges also collaborate with the Legislators to decide a punishment for breaking a rule.
If none of the Judges are able to reach a verdict, they may rely on a jury consisting of the other 30 students in the classroom (except the one that has been accused). The 29 students will have a vote to decide whether the defendant is guilty or not.No person shall be judge if he/she has not attained the age of 13, has not been a citizen of 207 for 2 months, or has not obtained a 2.0 GPA; nor shall any person be qualified if they have been absent for at least 5 unexcused days, or has had more than 3 official detentions.If a Judge is incapacitated or has been accused of breaking a rule, a replacement Judge will be quickly selected. The replacement judge does not have to be voted in, but will merely be selected by the Organizer. Once the old Judge returns, the replacement simply becomes an ordinary student again. If the Judge breaks a rule, however, another election will be held to choose a new judge (after the trial held against the prior Judge is closed).
The first election for Judges are held a day after the elections for Organizer. The second election for Judges is held the day after the Legislators'. Judges are in office for three months and may run in the election again, if a petition is signed by at least 25 the 32 others saying that they did a good job as Judge.

Bill of Rights

All citizens of this classroom shall be granted rights as soon as they step into the A.E. Burdick school. All people regardless of their weight, shape, height, race, religion, beliefs or any other personal value will have the following right
Every person will have the freedom to of speak their mind and express their feelings in any way possible as long as it doesn't hurt any one else.
Everyone shall have the right to happiness, the right to a peaceful and productive enviroment.
Everyone has the right to fresh air.
Everyone has the right to nourishment.
The right to legitimate compliments.
Everyone has the right to a political voice.
Everyone has the right to honesty, always.
Everyone has the right to a beneficial education in this classroom.

All people regardless of their futures or pasts must be granted these simple rights or a serious crime against the Constitution would have taken place. If this should happen then the person who has deprived someone of these rights must apologize to this student out loud in front of the whole body of citizens within this classroom immediately.