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The Invention of Nike

Bill Bowerman and Phil Night invented the First Nike shoe in 1964. Originally, the Nike shoes were called Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1966 Blue Ribbon Sports opened its first retail outlet selling sportswear, including the Japanese made Tiger running shoes. The famous graphic designs artist Carolyn Davidson designed the Famous Nike ‘Swoosh’ and sold it to the company for $35. In 1972, 8 years after the first Nike’s were invented, Bill Bowerman used his wife's waffle iron to mold the sole of a shoe that has better traction, creating a shoe called the 'Moon Shoe' and distributed it to four track & field athletes at the 1972 Olympic Trials. In the same year, 1972, the first line of Nike footwear hit the stores. Finally, in 1978 Blue Ribbon Sports changed there name to Nike Inc.
By: Hailey E

The Converse Shoes

The converse shoes were a hit during the 70’s , 80’s, 90’s , and this present day.It all started when a famous basketball player named Chuck Taylor played basketball in them. Soon after that they were known to everyone as all stars , these shoes were one of a kind back them all the gym outfit were shorts , shirts , and converses. Today they are called Chucks named after Chuck Taylor .

By: Ana Maria L.
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In 1972 skorts were developed. A skort is a pair of women's short with a flap of fabric in front to make it look like a skirt.

Skorts are popular in sports such as tennis or golf. Most people wear skorts for any athletic women. The skorts below were most popular in the 70's.

By:Amber O.
sources:Fashion 1970-1994,


Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have been popular throughout early history, but in the 70's and 80's platform shoes reached new heights in popularity. In the 70's and early 80's platform shoes were the new fad. They are sandals, or dress shoes that range from four to seven inches high. Many styles were created for both men and women. As their popularity grew, platforms were made in many "colorful" designs. Today, the only way you can see people wearing platforms if you're at a 70's party, or if they don't want to grow up.

By: Cassidy C.
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Leisure Suits



Popular Hairstyles

In the 70's, hair was worn in many ways. One of the most common was the "feathered" look, where people wore their hair very natural. Another common hairstyle was the Afro, which became really popular when Muhammad Ali wore one. For the people who wanted to be different, there was the punk look. People with punk hairstyles had spikes and dyed their hair in really bright colors.

By: Cassidy C.
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Parachute Pants

Parachute pants are pants that are very baggy at the top and legs but become narrow at the ankle. They are made out of a material which is similar to nylon. It is similar to the material parachutes are made of, that is what gives them the name of parachute pants. Most of the people who wore parachute pants listen to hip-hop and break danced . The zipper on the bottom of the pants allowed people to stay cool. Parachute pants came in many different colors and designs. Some of the most popular designs were neon colors, and stripes. Throughout the 80's they became very popular. They soon started to appear in many movies and cartoons. They were a sensation of the 1980's.

In 1990 the parachute pants were given a new name. MC Hammer was at the top of his popularity and his trademark was his parachute pants. He called them Hammer Pants. People saw him and his Hammer Pants everywhere. He had millions of records of with him wearing them. He also wore them in all his music videos, he He even had a cartoon after him where the character always wore the Hammer Pants. Since he was at the height of his popularity, almost everyone saw them.
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By: Alex N.
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Grunge Fashion of the 90s

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Grunge was a popular style of the 90s. It developed in Seattle, Washington by local bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam. Many people described grunge as dirty and torn up. The grunge look was also cheap, so the average person could wear grunge fashion. The most popular grunge look was probably flannel wear. It was warm, durable, and it brought down the bright 80s fashions

By Cody F.