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What happened in Popular Culture between 1960-1969?

Becca B.

My 1960’s theme is cartoons. I picked cartoons because I am the person who can watch cartoons and not feel any younger. I thought it would be cool to see what the difference is between cartoons now and cartoons back then. To spice up my poster I guess you could say, I added Michael Jackson. I added him as a memory since he died. I always thought he was a weirdo but had pretty good music. One time I turned on the television at the wrong time, and it was on his funeral. Anyways, I also added some art like material. I added a peace sign and I added a tie-dye buggy that says Oh Happy Day’s.

Briana P.60’s T.V. Shows.

I put a lot of things that really made my poster stand out. I choose the pink, purple, and white stripes background because, the 60’s were known as the tripping out days. I also put daisies on my poster to stand for ‘flower power”. What mostly stands out is a little 3D T.V., it stands for the whole theme of my poster… 1960 T.V. shows. I watch a lot of T.V. and even today shows from back then are still showed today. Some T.V. shows that are on my poster are… The Munsters, land Of the Giants, Hawaii Five-o, Tarzan, and Lost in Space, as well as many others.

Ana Maria L.

My collage is about everything that I can name, there are pictures of musician actors, presidents, rights, and television shows. Many of my pictures have to do with important things that were around in then. The Flintstones and the Jetsons were the most important television cartoons to little children everywhere. The musicians like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley. They mad music with their voice and that gave people inspiration, because of what they have so special. Marilyn Monroe was an actress who went through a lot of changes and it was a tragic to lose her. My collage is just pictures of people that many of us know.

Tiffany S.

My collage is about the war, music, and other stuff. In one of my pictures, there is 2 people holding up a peace sign poster. In 3 of my pictures there is the Beatles. Another picture I have has the "Moody Blues", they were a popular band in the 1960's, like the Beatles. Also, one of the most famous T.V shows in the 1960's was, "I love Lucy". There is also a picture of the first man on the moon.

Trevor N.

My collage has to do with pop culture, musical, and sports. My pop culture pictures are things that were important that happened and important people. For example the moon landing, Martin Luther King JR., the Adams family, John F. Kennedy, Popeye, and Batman and Robin.
People that were important to the musical aspect were Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Bob Marley and The Wailers, John Lennon and Elvis Presley. Some people that were important to sports is Hank Aaron, Bill Russell, Joe DiMaggio, Wilt Chamberlain, Super Bowl 1 and the Harlem Globe Trotters.

Rebecca Peraza

My collage is about the two types of music that were very popular and influential in the 60's. Those two types are Rock and Motown. Some of the popular Rock Bands I used are The Box Tops, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys. Some of the popular Motown groups I used are The Supremes, Bobby Lewis, and The Marvelettes. There's many more bands but I feel that those and the other bands I included were the most influential. They were the most influential because they changed the whole sound of music. Also they brought a new style. They changed the whole cookie cutter life style and made life fun.


Kayla F.

This is my collage on the music in the 60s. My collage includes many popular artists and bands from that decade. Some of the artists and bands from my collage are still around today, such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. While other artists from my collage have found peace, such as Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, and former Beatles members John Lennon and George Harrison. Other artists and bands that I've shown in my collage are The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Mamas and Papas, and Jackson. This collage also in includes pictures from one of the largest and longest music festivals of all time, Woodstock. Woodstock was a music festival in which many popular bands of that time came to New York and performed for 3 days in a row. Some bands and artists that took part in this event are shown in this collage. Such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Creedence Clearwater Revival also known as C.C.R.


Christina S

My collage is mainly about movies, TV shows, music and that's basically all. There are alot of shows in the 1960's like I love Lucy, Happy Days, and Addams Family. They are actually really popular shows. There music and tv are way different then ours. They have shows that are in black and white, ours is in color and they are usually rich. I did music and shows because I like that stuff and now I know what hey had to watch.

Sara B.

My collage is based on the entertainment of the 60’s. Candid Camera, Bewitched, The Peanuts, and many more T.V. shows that were made in the 60’s are known by nearly everyone nowadays. Just like the T.V. shows, the music played by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys are just a few bands and singers of the 60’s that were rather popular and still are.


Cody D.
In my collage are the famous and oldies bands of the 1960’s. In my collage are the albums of every band I could think of “Grateful Dead” “The Who” “Jimi Hendrix” “The Ventures” “The Young bloods” “The Contours” and more. I picked music for my 60s collage because I have always loved music and I have even been inspired by it. Jimi Hendrix was one of the best bands ever because Jimi Hendrix get placed top of a wide-ranging list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time" at number 3. After that comes Number one on the greatest Rock songs of all time is Led Zeppelin. Plus, those are only a few of my bands to my wide range of pictures in my collage.

Here in my collage you will find bands of all kinds but one band in particular is one that has made many people of the 60s the way they are today, they are “The Beatles”. They were a very intelligent band, they came to the United States after Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated and filled the hole with music. Not to mention they are number one on the Pop music charts of according to Rolling Stones and MTV.

It first started in 1957 they were called the “quarry men”, then in 1959 they changed their names to “Johnny and the moondogs”. In 1960 they became “the silver Beatles”, but later that year they decided it would be better if the were just called “the Beatles”. “The Beatles” then made their first album in 1963 called “Please Please Me”. i choose this band because they were one of the greatest inspirations throughout the 1960's.


top hundred rock songs

top hundred pop songs

Alex C.

external image File?id=dsrkp38_60fjhrbvg6_b

Most of the cartoons in the 60's just have a special look to them that I like. I can't pinpoint it but they just have a feeling. This is Secret Squirrel, as a little kid my dad watched this show and he liked it. When I was about 5 my dad showed my this show and I liked it as much as him. In fact I still like it today. I think it's a lot better then what kids watch today. If you ever get the chance you should go watch it! The show started out in 1965 and had 2 seasons and it ended in 1968. in 1993 it came back and 13 new episodes followed by a movie.

Joe O.
The band that I want to talk about in my collage is Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne was on his own until became he the vocalist for Black Sabbath. Then came guitarist Tony Lommi. He was with the band called Mythology for only 2 years. Next came the drummer Bill Ward who was also with the band Mythology. Last came bassist Geezer Butler (AKA Terence Butler) who was not in a band yet. Tony and Bill was best friend but when there band broke up, they wanted to form a new band. They later found Geezer and Ozzy at a music shop. Geezer and Ozzy were in a band called Rare Breed, but the band didn’t work out. They later formed a band and became really popular. They did opening acts for Jimi Hendrix, Blue Cheer and Cream. There first album they made was in 1969. After that they became more and more famous.


John M.

My collage is about music and cartoons. I think music is the most awesome thing back at the 60’s. I heard that Beatles was one of the most popular band back then. That’s only because of there style of music and stuff. Also I only think that because a lot of people like it some it must be cool. On my collage there is a picture of the Beatles.

Cartoons are awesome too like music. Some of the cartoons popular back then, for example, the Winsome Witch, Scooby Doo, the Flintstones. I have all those cartoons on my collage. And there are much more cartoons, I can’t name them all. There is this one cartoon on the 60’s called The Hillbilly Bears. That’s a funny name. I wonder if it’s a good cartoon.

Also on my collage, I have symbols and famous quotes from our own Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. I think symbols would go totally great for 60’s like peace signs, happy faces, tie-dyes and others. And quotes, I don’t know I think it’s touching and funny.


Hailey E

I chose to write about the entertainment of the 60’s, such as music, movies and TV shows, board games, things like that. Some of the things that I have on my collage are The Beetles, Marilyn Monroe, Batman, The Flintstones, The peanuts, Mickey Mouse and other things like that. I chose the entertainment because I enjoy music, and I wanted to see the difference between our music now and there music then.

This is a picture of the Hippie movement from the 1960’s. As you can see that there is a big group of young adults sitting on a big colorful bus with a care in the world. I like this picture because it shows what the hippies what they where really like and this is all they did. Plus I like their colorful bus it’s not like a bus that you would see today. You also wont see about 25 people on top of a bus just hanging and chilling with out anybody telling you to get off you might hurt yourself.


Alex N. Part 2

The pictures of the bands, Woodstock and the hippies are considered Music. I put them into the collage because music was one of the most influential things in the 60’s. Just think of Woodstock. It had people coming from all around the U.S. come to see it. It backed up freeways for miles, it had one of the largest audiences in the history of concerts, and it even ran out of tickets to sell, and still let people watch the concert. Now all the hippies that went to Woodstock, all of them had gone through that to just sit and listen to music. I have never seen anything like that in my lifetime. It shows that if there were not music in the collage, it would not be a 60’s collage.

Alex N. Part 3

Lastly, there are the pictures of The Twilight Zone and the Flintstones. I would classify those as popular culture. Those were some of the most popular shows of that decade. We might think that they are boring now, but in the 60’s, that was what was popular. Just think two of your favorite shows. Now back in the 60’s those shows might have been the Flintstones or The Twilight Zone. So it is common sense to put them on the collage.

Jason B

While the 1960’s are still very popular, I chose to put pictures of Saturday morning cartoons and TV shows on my college. Batman and Alley Cat are both cartoons from the late 1960’s. The Beverly Hillbillies were a hit TV sitcom from the early 60’s. The Beverly Hillbillies influenced the sitcom Petticoat Junction. The musical The Sound of the Music was put out on VHS in 1961. Psycho was a movie that was rated number 3 on the list of top 10 movies from the 1960’s. Psycho was based on the novel of the same name.

Megan K.
My collage consists of pop art pieces that were made in the 1960's. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Inddiana, Jasper Johns, and Robert Raushenberg are the pop artists pieces that are incorporated into my collage that were made throughout the 1960's. I did pop art because I share an interest in it with my dad, and we always liked pop artists like Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol mostly made pop art pieces of things of everyday life that you see, celebrities, or something that reflected society. Pieces such as "Atomic Bomb" is a example of how, in the 1960's, a nuclear war could explode and start out of nowhere in the U. S. Other pop art pieces he's made showed something you could see of everyday life. "Campbell's Soup Can" is an example of something that Andy made, and something everyone practically saw in everyday life. Andy Warhol has also made colorful portraits of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and Mick Jagger in the 60's. Robert Raushenberg's "Retroactive" shows John F. Kennedy, and a an astronaut, and it tells you how much time was changing with John F. Kennedy's assassin, and when man walked on the moon for the first time. Robert Inddiana's "Love" shows how much in the 1960's, how people were struggling with everything in life, that in the 60's a lot of people in the U.S. were becoming rebellious, and apposed to the Vietnam War still, and were fighting for peace and love throughout the 1960's. Jasper John's "White Flag" shows how un-united the U.S. was in the 1960's. People were opposed to the Vietnam War and the draft, and how unfair it was when people either had to go to war, or go to jail for not fighting for our country in Vietnam. I did pop art for my collage because it was different, and a lot of the pop art pieces showed how the 1960's effected people and what it looked like the eyes of the beholder, and not what we thought it was when we learned about the 1960's in History class.


Corey W.
In my collage I put famous figures that described the 60's like JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King JR. To me, pop culture was the most interesting thing about the 60's. I felt the brighter colors represented the 60's. Vietnam was a big influence on my collage because it had a huge impact on the 60's. The most important picture is the picture of the Vietnam Wall. It shows how many people died in the war, and that's why so many people protested against it.

Corey W.

Richard C.

My collage is all about 60's rock music, I have pictures of bands/artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Santana, Cream, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes, Nazareth, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and The Yardbirds. I think the most popular band in the 60's was obviously the Beatles because most of their songs were about the 60's and they had a different style of music than other bands.
external image beatles%20in%20america.jpeg

Antoinette H.

The only place that mud and music belong together is Woodstock. Woodstock was a festival that lasts three days. In 1969, three-hundred thousand people were estimated to go to Woodstock that year. Woodstock back then was like Summerfest for us, except it was wilder, crazier and way more fun. The Woodstock of '69 was said to be the greatest and most pivotal moments in popular music history. Drugs, sex and music were big influences. Two people died during the Woodstock festival. One was due to a drug overdose. The other died because they were ran over by a tractor while sleeping.
Over 30 musicians played during those three days. Some of the musicians included Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and The Who. With this type of lineup, it bought many types of people. Some people had to travel very far to get to New York where the Woodstock festival was held. The 60's were a time of great rebellion, I think that is part of the reason why the things at Woodstock happened. My collage shows some musicians that played at Woodstock. These musicians by far were the best bands in the 60's. For some, the legacy still lives on. My collage also shows some of the chaos. I believe that you will never get the full effect of Woodstock if you weren't there

Ben R.

In my collage I have half Music and half politics. The reasons why I put these pictures is because I thought that the most important parts of the 1960’s where Music and Politics. In my collage I have a picture of a fallout shelter sign. These were common it the whole cold war time.
Anther picture that I put on my collage was about the Vietnam War. This was a very important picture because it was a great part of the 60’s. One other picture that I thought that was very important was the Martin Luther King J.R.’s speech. I thought that this was very important because it change the way everyone looked at African American and a lot of gates opened for African American.

Caitlin C.

I love the 60s. I made a collage based on music of the 60s. Elvis was very popular, along with other bands. I love music, so I thought it would be interesting if I researched music of the 60s. I have have The Beatles in my collage. The Beatles were very popular back then, and still are now. In my opinion, there is a big difference from the way the musicians dress, to the way their music sounds. I have a mixture of colors in my collage. Some pictures are black and white, and some are just very colorful. That's why my collage is very different.

Alexandria WM.

In the 60's a lot went on.The Brady Bunch family was considered the all american family.T.V. was a very popular activity during the 60's.Also in the 60's Batman was popular.Many people smoked ciggarettes as well as marijuana. The style in the 60's were very different than they are now.Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. began his protest in the 60's against racisim,people also protested against the vietnam war.
Some popular people in the 60's was Marilyn Monroe,Bob Marley,and Elvis presley.The president at the time was JFK (John F Kennedy) who was assinated .
The first man to walk on the moon was in the 60's also.Popular artist's were Elvis,Led Zepplin,The Beatles,Bob Marley,The Beach Boys,and The Rolling Stones.
The 60's was a very important and Influential time.

Mariah R.

My college has many different types of meanings to it. It has many well-known people like Marilyn Minroe, Dr.King, and John F Kennedy etc. My college has many cartoon characters like Underdog, Batman, The Flinstones, and Charlie Brown & bugs bunny. Robert Rauschenberg is an artist from the 60’s & I have some of his work displayed on my college. The college has many different emotions like peace & love.


Matt D

When I heard that we were making a collage of the 60's I new I was going to make it a bought the music. So my collage is going to be bought all the different types of music in the 60's.

One of the first pictures I got was the Rolling Stones. I chose there picture because there music changed the world. The music that they made was really a substantial part of the 60's

Another band I chose was The Beach Boys. The Beach Boys are more of a relaxing kind of band. People used to always listen to them. In 1961 they were Americas rock band.

The 60's was one of the historical times for music history.

Kiley S.
This Collage is describing some things in the 1960’s. The things I emphasized from the Sixties are Dr. Martin Luther King, The Klu Klux Klan (KKK), Movies, Television Shows, and some Literature. Some movies like Mary Poppins, Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. Some television shows like Get Smart, The Pink Panther, and Charlie Brown. The only piece of literature I put on my collage is the book “Where the Wild Things Are.” The reason why I have the one picture of JFK is because that quote under still inspires me.