(Andrew, Cody F., Hunter, John, Cody D.)

The Images of The Great Depression

Andrew S.

The photos on my post are the photos of the zeppelins before the disaster.

external image Lakehurst_NJ_Hindenburg_Hangar1_36.jpg
external image Lakehurst_NJ_Hindenburg.jpgexternal image Hindenburg.jpgexternal image BW13%7EThe-Hindenburg-Airship-1936-Posters.jpgexternal image Lakehurst_NJ_WW2.jpg

John M.

Houses people lived in on the time of The Great Depression.
external image woman_shack_1930.gif Great_Depression_Picture-English.jpg

Typical life in the Great Depression.
external image 3058062855_c12c74ace1.jpg external image 3058899516_fd290f15e2.jpg

People sold there houses because they cannot afford it. People had to live on tents and streets.
external image foreclosed_farm_Great_Depression.jpgexternal image eyes-of-the-great-depression-b-thumb.jpg

Families living anywhere they could find shelter.
external image Migrant%2520Family%2520Great%2520Depression%2520.jpgexternal image gd31.gif

Cody D

Christmas day, 1935, a Christmas dinner being made by the family .To the right, army workers giving food to people during the Christmas holiday.
external image gd50.gifexternal image ExplorePAHistory-a0k7o0-a_349.jpg

The Rockafeller Center's first Christmas tree. To the right, Rockafeller Center, 2007.
external image Capture2.JPGexternal image 4.JPG

external image 1719.f3480-54.jpgexternal image christmas.jpg

Times were rough, 4 out of every ten people would lose their jobs. Many people had no money, and most of them had to go to a soup kitchen or wait in a bread line. On the left is a picture of men looking for jobs at employment agency. The picture on the right,is of men at a breadline.
external image gd7.gifexternal image gd49.gif

People attempting to get their money back from the bank. Men waiting in a soup line.
external image gd17.gifexternal image gd8.gif

Another bank photo, and men eating at a soup kitchen.

external image bank-failures-during-the-great-depression.gifexternal image GD6909039@ca-7385.jpg

external image biotulsa4.jpgexternal image 2_great_depression.jpg

differences: Pictures comparing the then and the now.

external image 3882093542_8c76d6f491_o.jpgexternal image thenvsnowLOG.jpgexternal image 08zernike.large2x.jpg

People of the Great depression

Cody F.

external image guy_lombardo.jpeg

Guy Lombardo was a popular jazz composer during the early 1930s.

external image BennyGoodman2.jpg

Benny Goodman was a popular swing artist during the depression.

external image 80130_198756_2.jpg

Another popular swing composer was Tommy Dorsey.

external image 070214_CL_DukeEllingtonEX.jpg

Duke Ellington had a good career during the depression as a jazz composer.

external image ella.jpg

Ella Fitzgerald was one of many powerful female composers during the depression.


external image Lou%20Gehrig.jpg
Lou Gehrig was one of the greatest baseball players during the depression.
external image Babe%20ruth.jpg
Babe Ruth was one of the best players ever in the Yankees history.

external image DiMaggio_streak_071005_ms.jpg
Johnny Allen was in something called the pin strip rotation witch helped the Yankees win there 3rd shut out in a row.

external image george_pipgras_autograph.jpg

George Pipgras was also part of the pin strip rotation during the great depression.

external image bob-feller-pitching.jpg
Bob Feller set the all time record by striking out 18 batters in one game.